How To Use This New Uulala Wallet Support

We first wanted to thank you for all of your support, participation, and resilience as we have pushed forward through the ups and downs along our journey. 

As you know we will be closing down our Telegram community on the 1st of April, 2019. 

While Telegram has been a great communication tool throughout our ICO our assessments and your feedback have demonstrated that it no longer serves the full needs of our greater token holder community. 

As a result, we are streamlining our communications and moving our support to a more robust FAQ and ticket system. 

Our video below will demonstrate how to use the new support system.

Key Updates To Note:

  • Our new support email is - [email protected] this will still connect you with compliance. You can submit and respond to a ticket by emailing this address OR through our wallet support system. 
  • You only need to log in to view tickets the FAQ is available without a log in.
  • If the FAQ exists for a question it will contain the most recent information. While you are always welcome to email us our responses to general questions will be mirroring the FAQ. 
  • Our compliance team operates Mon-Friday 9AM - 5PM and will respond to support requests within 24 hours. 
  • Please ensure you follow these guidelines when submitting a ticket to ensure we can verify your ID and resolve your issue quickly - ID Verification Guidelines
  • When using the ticket system please know that technical issues and requests for wallet changes will be prioritized. While you are welcome to submit a support ticket for other questions, for a more timely response to concerns or suggestions for an FAQ that is missing please email [email protected] 
  • Announcements will also be added to the support forum so that you can easily locate news and updates. 
  • In addition to this support, we will still be sending out Uulala Announcement Emails & posting to the Telegram News Channel