Latest Updates regarding the Platform Launch

Platform Launch

  • The Central Bank of Mexico is deploying a QR Code payment system called CoDI. Uulala is completing a direct integration into Central Bank of Mexico for their electronic payment systems which will allow for 24/7 real-time clearing features. 
  • Uulala’s Mexico Launch will occur as soon as integration is complete and we have 10 days stress testing. 
  • We will announce the launch at the Talent Land event on the 22nd of April in Jalisco. This is one of the largest tech conferences in Mexico, attendance is more than 30,000 people. 
  • In the USA Uulala is currently under due diligence with several Fintech friendly banking institutions to provide us the needed transaction speeds and fee structures. 
  • Uulala has also started the business client onboarding, compliance and due diligence checks for mass payout clients in the USA so once we are live, we flip the switch.
  • Uulala’s USA Launch: Depends on banking partner integration timelines but our goal is to have our public launch in Summer 2019.