Uulala Exchange Announcement

As you know we as an organization have always been about providing our users with financial inclusion and choices. This mindset has always been extended to our token holders and is why we have always worked hard to provide a variety of options and flexibility for token use. It is with great pleasure that we announce our first exchange listing. Converting your tokens to trade on this exchange is one of the options that will be available in addition to holding your tokens in your Uulala wallet, or allocating them to the buyback pool. 

So without further adieu here are the details: 


Kapytal Exchange, a Crypto-Fiat Exchange and Money Transmitter company based out in Mexico City 

Click here to register https://exchange.kapytal.io/en/sign-up


Our mission and vision of providing financial inclusion and empowerment to the underbanked communities across the Americas is the driver behind every major decision we make. Kapytal Exchange is one of the fastest growing exchanges in Latin America. They allow for direct currency to crypto conversion in local currencies (including pesos) and are also accessible to people from Venezuela and Colombia, an often overlooked but important market that deserves financial inclusion. 

They boast an advanced integration to the Mexican banking system, are fully compliant with local regulation, and have the best security practices. We feel their closely aligned mission for inclusion combined with their superior service and shared connection with the Latin American market makes Kapytal Exchange is the perfect partner for Uulala to launch their token on an exchange. 


The EUULA token will list on June 18th, 2019 at 9am Central Time. The listing price will be released at that time. 

Important Note About Holding 

Token holders who maintain an UULA balance of above 20,000 within their internal Uulala ecosystem wallet will qualify for bonus UULA tokens to be disbursed to them on a monthly basis. 

The bonus token disbursement will begin in September based on wallet balances of UULA in August. Through the use of indirect staking the UULA digital asset inside the token holder's ecosystem wallet the token holder account will be auto dispersed bonus tokens on a monthly basis that are in direct correlation with the number of credit building qualified blockchain transactions. 

This is not a requirement for token holders but an added benefit to those token holders who will be long term HODLer's. 

The Process 

1. Head to Kapytal Exchange using the Uulala Token Holder registration link below. 

2. Complete the registration Process 

3. Pass the KYC 

4. Fund your account with either tokens for selling or currency for purchasing. If you have challenges with your Kapytal account registration, functionality, or questions about how to trade on Kapytal you will need to contact Kapytal Support directly 

US Investors 

This exchange allows US investors to trade however, there are the following short term restrictions required: 

There is a sell & withdrawal limit of 4000 tokens a day from June 18 - July 1st 

That limit is increased to 8000 tokens a day July 1 -July 30 

From August 1st onwards restrictions are removed. 


The Uulala listing has also provided the organization to continue pioneering in the digital asset space by being the first IEO in LATAM. There is currently an The Executive Team of Uulala Best Regards, extensive campaign running in Latin America to drive buyers to the exchange happening now. You may have seen many articles about our IEO and preregistration process in Coin Telegraph, Bitcoin.com.mx and other news channels. This is all part of our ongoing efforts to bring people to the EUULA listing and drive awareness throughout LATAM for upcoming Uulala services. 

Important Refreshers 

Please follow the links to the FAQ's for further support. 

If you have a support need that does not have an FAQ please lodge a ticket through the portal or contact [email protected] How 

To Set Up Your Uulala Web-based Wallet 

How to Complete an Atomic Swap

Please remember to store your passwords and private keys securely and set up 2FA on all accounts. 

Uulala will NEVER email you to ask for your login details. 

Always head to https://my.uulala.io/auth/login directly to log into your wallet.