Uulala Latest News

Latest News

  • We have received the final certificate for the Visa virtual and Visa physical cards and have generated the first virtual Visa card on our system.  
  • We are officially integrated to the global network to pay out 130 countries.
  • We have completed the Mexico Neo Bank Charter for Uulala which allows us to drive growth for month over month scaling of our services. This places us in an elite field of organizations like Nubank, Monzo N26 and Revolut.
  • We can now service the MLM companies and HR companies that have been waiting for our system and start mass onboarding their sales agents this month.  
  • Over 22,000 blockchain registered transactions and completed a second third party security audit on our wallet and blockchain.
  • On September 22 we will be commencing the Laudato SI Vatican initiative migrant test pilot program to service migrants in Mexico.
  • Uulala was featured in YSF Magazine  you can check out their article here: This Fintech Company Empowers Underbanked Latinos
  • Our company was also featured as a rising tech star that's helping empower women throughout the world you can view the article here: Financial Technology Is Empowering Women Throughout The World
  • We were also featured in Today's Parenting section as a company that is helping bridge the gap between the haves and the have nots - Empowering All of Our Kids with Mobile Technology

Influencer Josue Monge discusses the benefits of Uulala.

Again, thank you for your support, we do believe this will be an actual shift in the financial services industry by empowering millions of people to gain access to services that were out of reach.