Uulala News - October 2019

To our Valued Supporters,

Thank you for your continued support. 

We wanted to update our token holders who are holding within our Uulala Wallet on our Bonus Token rollout. 

The bonus token disbursement started last week. 

Important Note

To ensure that you receive your bonus tokens you must first set up your wallet so that your tokens can be emitted.

Please log in to your Uulala wallet and follow these setup instructions. 

How To Set Up Your Uulala Web-based Wallet

How it works

Token holders who maintain an UULA balance of above 20,000 within their internal Uulala ecosystem wallet will qualify for bonus UULA tokens to be disbursed to them on a monthly basis. 

The number of tokens dispersed is in direct correlation with the number of credit building qualified blockchain transactions. 

The Recent Disbursement 

A business decision was made during our first disbursement to simplify our process and provide a flat bonus to all holders with more than 20K in tokens rather than a stacked bonus.

We increased the number of tokens being paid to 100 tokens per holder to ensure that nobody was impacted by this change.

Moving forward a flat bonus amount that directly correlates to the number of credit building qualified blockchain transactions per month will be paid to holders who maintain a balance of 20K+ in their Uulala account per month. 

We hope this provides clarity to all of our holders. If the structure of our bonus changes we will be sure to update all token holders.

Thank you again for your ongoing support. 

To our continued success!

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