Uulala Latest News December 2019


Thank you for your continued support as always it is greatly appreciated. As a valued member of our extended Uulala family, we wanted to keep you in the loop and share some of the highlights with you in this update as we close out 2019.

December was another very exciting month at Uulala with our executive team in Rome and Geneva for events with The Vatican and United Nations respectively. Recaps Below:

Vatican City 

Uulala was invited back to Vatican City in December to participate in the 2019 Laudato Si Challenge which took place within the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development under the purview of his Emmenance Cardinal Peter Turkson. There were a variety of global stakeholders participating in this multiday event to accumulate actionable commitments with community support to drive results. Uulala was presented with the first-ever Laudato Si Impact Award for an enterprise. The Laudato Si Impact Awards were announced in Vatican City during the 2019 Laudato Si Challenge on December 5th, 2019 recognizing to extraordinary individuals — and enterprises that fulfill five key criteria:

  • VISION — Has a fearlessly bold vision for moving humanity forward.
  • IMPACT — Relentless in their “pursuit of impact” on behalf of the lives of the vulnerable people and our Common Home.
  • CONGRUENCE — Their business aligns with their personal mission. They are one and the same.
  • INTEGRITY — They always do the right thing, even when it’s hard.
  • DIGNITY — It’s not just what they do; it’s how they do it. They treat all people equally — in their personal lives, and particularly in business — with respect, kindness, and dignity. They serve as role models for all of us.

Upcoming this year there will be follow on convenings including one taking place in January in Northern California for select stakeholders like Uulala to ensure they are provided full support to put Laudato Si into action. 

Watch the video below to learn more about the mission of The Laudato Si Challenge 

United Nations - Global Refugee Forum 

UNHCR - Global Refugee Forum: The convening in Geneva was the first global response to the largest refugee crisis in human history with over 70 million people currently displaced from their homes. The event included several heads of state, ministers, NGOs, non-profits, and private sector companies all formulating action plans to support this growing epidemic. Uulala was part of the private sector coalition to discuss innovative solutions to support refugees and was joined by partners Symmitree (providing smartphones for refugees with Uulala preinstalled) and ICMC (International Catholic Migration Commission). 

These three organizations are launching a program in Mexico under the guidance of UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) to provide refugees resettling in Mexico a phone, connectivity, data, and Uulala will provide banking access, payment cards and the ability receive aid and payroll within the Uulala mobile wallet. 

At the first Global Refugee Forum UNHCR launched the MIRPS platform which is a consistent framework consisting of multiple Nation States within Central American and Mexico to have a unified response to the refugee crisis in LATAM. This becomes very important for an organization like ours as refugees and asylum seekers within the region will be issued identification and the ability work which provides us the opportunity to scale our program we are launching in Mexico across all of Central America. We are privileged to be invited to this historic event to share how innovation can provide inclusion, opportunity, and dignity to the world's most vulnerable. More to come in 2020.

Looking Toward 2020

The future is bright for Uulala as we close out 2019 and continue into 2020 with great momentum. Over the last several months the team has been fine-tuning the technology, customer onboarding process and ensuring the system can scale across the globe. We will be releasing some major technology updates in early 2020 including a compliant HR regulatory SaaS program for businesses in Mexico to meet the new regulations, and the next generation of our mobile application. Our expansion plans have been set and you will hear many exciting updates coming early in 2020 regarding Uulala across the globe.  

Get Involved   

We are consistently hearing from our community of supporters and we want that to continue and wanted to provide some easy access points to get involved with Uulala more. 

  • Referring business clients to Uulala
    •  The Mass Payout Business has seen instant adoption with multiple verticals and if you can assist in introductions this would be appreciated see industry list below.
    • Insurance, Staffing, Gig Economy, Direct Sales, Employee Travel Program, International Sales Organizations, Freelance Marketplaces, + Many more.
  • Expansion Program
    • Uulala has lined up expansion jurisdictions for the first half of 2020 but is beginning to look at Q3 and Q4 of 2020 deployment
    • If you are interested in bringing Uulala to a specific country or region please connect with us.  


Happy New Year!  

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