This video demonstrates how to complete the Atomic Swap which is required if you would like to trade your tokens on an exchange that Uulala lists on.


DO NOT use this feature if you wish you allocate your tokens to the buyback OR if you want to send your tokens to someone privately. Please review the FAQ for Peer-to-Peer or Buyback for these options.

Uulala absorbs the cost of providing the Uulala wallet, sending tokens Peer-To-Peer, allocating tokens to the buyback, and sending payouts for the tokens purchased from the buyback. However, we do not absorb the cost associated with completing the atomic swap so there is a 2% fee to swap to an external EUULA token and 1% fee to switch back to an internal UULA token. 

Key Notes:

  • DO NOT USE AN EXCHANGE ADDRESS as your ETH address YOU WILL LOSE YOUR TOKENS. Please make sure you use a wallet like My Ether Wallet.
  • Review the details before finalizing the swap.
  • The Fee shown in the demonstration is NOT the fee we will be charging and is for demonstration only. Our fee is 2%. 
  • Always make sure you use the CORRECT addresses inside the system
  • Once you have sent your tokens to your wallet you need to ADD THEM TO THE WALLET instructions below
  • How to set up an ERC20 compatible wallet

How to add your EUULA ERC20 token to MEW

  • Token Address: 0x26dE40bFFAFe73Ff4E37089B2C71e35Fd02eb1a7
    Token Symbol: EUULA
    Decimals of Precision: 2`