Welcome to your Uulala web-based wallet. Here you can hold your tokens for as long as you like, send them to anyone who has registered for an Uulala wallet, allocate them to the buyback pool for purchase by Uulala, or perform an Atomic swap and convert your internal UULA tokens to an external EUULA token for trading on the exchange. 

Key Notes:

  • Use the same username and password as your original Uulala account to login
  • Agree to terms and conditions.
  • Set up 2 Factor Authentication for added security. NOTE - Please make sure you have downloaded the Google Authenticator App to your phone and understand how it works PRIOR to turning on 2FA
    DO NOT click done on the 2FA section UNTIL you have scanned the QR Code with your Google Authenticator App.
  • Ensure you have a WALLET that supports ERC20 Tokens set up if you would like to convert your internal tokens to external tokens (eg. My Ether Wallet) DO NOT USE AN EXCHANGE ADDRESS set up.
  • Add your ETH wallet address to the Uulala wallet.