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Please understand that due to the number of token holders we have with Uulala we can only announce confirmed details to avoid miscommunications, confusion, and frustration. 

Many of our announcements create a chain reaction of feedback and support needs which we can't address if the information we have provided isn't confirmed. 

Our announcements are also considered confirmed updates by many of our token holders so if details change it can lead to a lot of upset, mistrust, and confusion.

While we understand that not all community members will be pleased with our decision to keep our communications focused on confirmed and final details only, we have to make sure we communicate in a way that supports our community as a whole and ensures everyone has a clear understanding of next steps. 

We have come to this decision by growing and adapting to our communities responses and needs so our decision on this matter will not be changing. We thank you for your understanding and continued support. 

Please know as soon as we have details confirmed on any element of our business you will always be the first to know.