While the buyback is a guaranteed price, it is the option that may take longer because tokens are purchased as needed to log qualified transactions. The speed in which tokens are purchased is dependent on the volume of users we have transacting on our platform. This number will naturally start out small in comparison to the buyback pool as we move through our beta testing and increase as we publically roll out. 

Tokens are purchased first come, first serve in a row with ONE token from the first person, then one from the second until the end of the line is reached it then repeats. This ensures that no matter the size of your holding everyone has a fair chance. So it may take time for tokens to be purchased from your allocation especially if they are further back in the line. 

The speed of the token purchases will increase with time as we onboard more users. We can't provide predictions at this time as we need to collect more data and see consistent numbers to provide accurate predictions.