Our ICO has now closed the only way to purchase tokens is through an exchange or privately in a Peer-to-peer transfer. Please note: Uulala does not facilitate peer-to-peer transfers.

We have announced two exchange listings. This is where you can head to purchase EUULA tokens you can register through the exchange by heading to https://kapytal.io/ or 

You can choose to keep these tokens externally in a wallet that supports ERC20 tokens or you can complete an atomic swap to convert them to internal UULA tokens, from here you can hold them and accumulate bonus tokens for every 20,000 that you hold in the Uulala wallet or you can allocate them to our buyback pool, our FAQ has further details on these options.  Please note: There will be a fee of 1% to complete the swap from an external to an internal token. If at a later date you choose to swap the internal tokens back to external to trade there will be a fee of 2%.